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Mission Statement

To provide ordinary people with an opportunity to build a business of their own, one that they create and nurture through a vision they have of their future. And to provide consumers with FREE access to search for virtually anything related to Real Estate.


Company Description

Property-EMall, LLC is a Texas Limited Liability Company, which will be referred to elsewhere in this document as “Corporate.” Our headquarters is physically located on my small farm in the Texas Hill Country north of San Antonio. It is a web-based business, using www.propertyemall.com, to provide a marketing place for Real Estate Listings, and a database of suppliers and vendors. Almost every professional and skilled trade involved in the sale, construction, and maintenance of all forms of Real Estate will have a platform to advertise their business on OUR website. Marketing Associate opportunities will give an Associate exclusive rights to any sales in an area the size of FIVE Zipcodes or Postal Codes.


Products and Services

The “Search for Services” page of our site is designed to take you to the services you are seeking by first, clicking on your state, and next clicking on the Zipcode you desire. When clicking on the Zipcode, a page will open for the viewer to see a list of providers for those services in their area who can provide the skill sets they are desiring. To help drive consumers to our products, there are links to Real Estate Listings, both Domestic and International, where consumers can list, buy, or just dream about Properties and search for FREE!


Marketing/Sales Plan

The Marketing Plan is simple. It will be done through and by Corporate and Marketing Associates. All Marketing Associates will be Independent Contractors, whether they are individuals or business entities. As mentioned before, a marketing territory will be FIVE Zipcodes.



The Marketing Associate will contact businesses that are doing business in his or her territory. The purpose is to secure an advertising agreement which Corporate will provide. The business will pay Corporate a flat monthly fee of $10, $15, or $20 per Zipcode depending on their level of advertising. The number of business listings for ANY of the trades or disciplines will be limited to a maximum of 21 standard advertising spots per Zipcode. And an unlimited number of Premium and Platinum advertising spots. There will be, over 130 different categories, so roughly 2600 standard spots per Zipcode.

For all advertising sales, the Associate will be paid a commission of 50% for the first $20,000 worth of sales, and 70% thereafter for each Zipcode.


A Marketing Territory consists of 5 nearly contiguous Zipcodes. Meaning they touch or nearly touch each other.

This is RESIDUAL INCOME! If a Marketing Associate is able to sell ONLY 10 spots per day, 5 days a week. And, that could be as easy as 2 service providers advertising in all 5 Zipcodes per day. In 12 months, the Marketing Associate’s RESIDUAL COMMISSION INCOME

would be $15,300 PER MONTH! In the 35th month, the residual income would build to $35,300 per month!


More detailed information is available in our handbook, to download

click the link directly below:



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