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Property-Emall FAQs

Q: Is this a real estate brokerage?

A: No. It is a marketing platform for National and International Multiple Listing Services that allows consumers to search for Real Estate listings anywhere. We conduct NO Real Estate business. Go to the About Us tab for more details.


Q: Are there job opportunities with Property-Emall?

A: Yes. There are a few job opportunities at the Corporate level.

But there are thousands of business opportunities as a Marketing Associate!


Q: As a service provider, how do I place an ad?

A: Simply go to the List Your Business tab and follow the instructions.


Q: What is a Marketing Associate?

A: A Marketing Associate is an Independent Sales and Marketing Contractor who contacts real estate service providers and offers them very affordable advertising spots on our website.


Q: How does a Marketing Associate get paid?

A: The Marketing Associate is paid a monthly commission on each ad that they sell.


Q: Will ads be listed in alphabetical order?

A: No. All advertising spots will be listed in the First Come/First Served order.

So, if you are able to list your business in a high-ranking spot for your zipcode and category, it will remain there, unless someone above you cancels their ad, in which case you will move up.


Q: Where do Marketing Associates sell these advertising spots?

A: Each Marketing Associate is awarded 5 Zipcodes or Postal Codes of their choice as a protected territory, where they have the exclusive right to any advertising sales revenues in that territory.


Q: Are these sales a one-time event?

A: Marketing Associates may only have to sell the advertising spot one time, but the advertiser pays Corporate on a monthly basis.  So, each ad that is sold last month is residual revenue for every month after that. The commission to the Marketing Associate continues to grow every month based on the next months’ sales.


Q: Are there different levels of advertising spots?

A: Yes. We have the Standard Ad, the Premium Ad, and the Platinum Ad. They are all have a very reasonable flat fee monthly rate, and more information is available on the List Your Business tab.


Q: How do I find out about being a Marketing Associate?

A: Go to the tab on the home page labeled “Become an Associate� and click on it.

Read the “Agreement� and submit your application.


Q: Do I have to place the ad with the Marketing Associate for my Zipcode?

A: No. You can place the ad at any time, whether you were contacted directly or indirectly by one of our Marketing Associates or not. Our Marketing Associates get credit for ALL ads placed in their protected territory.


Q: Can I be an advertiser AND a Marketing Associate?

A: Absolutely. You need to select 5 contiguous or nearly contiguous Zipcodes not already assigned to someone else, and go to the Become an Associate tab, and follow the application process. You will find the list of Zipcodes already assigned for your state under the Search for Services tab.